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Gwendolyn Dolske, Ph.D.
Rudy Salo

A podcast about living the good life. 

Join us on the Socratic journey to

learn what we didn't know we didn't know.  


Uplifting and educational content

for self-improvement.

Experts, wisdom, and laughter in between. 

Rated top 1% of podcasts on Listennotes

Rated top podcast in Philosophy, Education,

and Courses on Goodpods

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Philosophy Podcast
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Award Winning Podcast
Philosophy and Motivational Speaker
Award Winning Podcast
White Structure

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to speak at your event

  • Tapping into creativity

  • Effective Communication and the Art of Conversation

  • Intellectual Growth and Happiness

Authors Featured on GIID

Batman and Philosophy
True Crime
Dystopian Fiction
Angela Gorrell
Free Will Debate

Prisca Dorcas Mojica Rodriguez
Dahlia Schweitzer
Kate Mangino
The Ethics of Sexbots
The Godfather Trilogy
Genetic Engineering
Blade Runner
Philosophy and Grief
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
A Good Kind of Trouble
Motivational Book Tom Morris
Marketing and Influence
Marvel Comics Daredevil
Moral Concepts

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