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Rudy S. Salo is the co-host of “Good Is In The Details,” a philosophy/pop culture/current events podcast. Rudy is also an infrastructure finance attorney advising governmental entities and financial institutions on financing infrastructure and transportation systems throughout the United States. Rudy is also a notable writer/public speaker and is currently a Transportation Contributor to Rudy passionately advocates for a critical rethinking of our infrastructure to accommodate the advanced technology currently available to make our commutes more tolerable, safer and productive. Rudy is also an award-winning actor, having won two Best Actor Awards for the short horror film “Curtain Call” and writer/producer for his short film “Fortune Cookie.” Rudy received his law degree from Georgetown University Law Center and his undergraduate degree from UCLA, magna cum laude, in Political Science. He also regularly speaks about his perspectives on various topics (including infrastructure, film and other matters) as a guest/guest host on several dozen podcasts. Rudy is an adjunct law professor at Chapman University’s Fowler School of Law and the President of the Arab American Lawyer’s
Association of Southern California

Rudy Salo
Award Winning Podcast
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